In our restaurant with three connected rooms, there is room for 160 guests at the same time; during summer season, in the garden, there is even room for 100 extra guests.

The restaurant is therefore more than suitable for parties of larger groups, for various visits of excursion groups, weddings, celebrations, confirmations, communions, meetings, press conferences, business meetings, cultural events etc.

Also smaller groups and individuals are more than welcome; in case more privacy is wanted, our guests can dispose with a smaller dining room also known as the Petra Majdič’s room arranged as a smaller souvenir room dedicated to our best ski runner.

In an enlarged new dining room there is also room for a dance floor; what is more, a children’s room has also been arranged together with toys and a changing room so that parents can enjoy their meals in piece and without any disturbances.

Hunting room

Hunting room, with a stove and a bar is the central room of our restaurant. It has always been a popular gathering place of former and today’s mountaineers, alpine rescuers, hunters, lumberers and all others who have been forming our history in the last decades. A gathering place and a room with rich history has witnessed various happy moments; several romances and businesses started here, and this is where tears of sadness dried on their own. Hunting room is full of various stories about mountaineering challenges from the surrounding mountains; such place is typical only for restaurants with a tradition.

Petra Majdič’s room

To support our best ski runner of all times, already years ago when Petra was at the beginning of her career, we redecorated and rearranged one of our rooms and we have named it Petra Majdič’s room. It is a smaller room which can turn into a dinning room and is full of ski-running spirit; numerous objects connected with Petra Majdič’s ski-running career are at display there.

Among other things you can also see the photographs, starting numbers and her skis from the biggest world competitions and championships. In a special glass cabinet, there are also some medals and acknowledgments won by Petra. With a little luck, you can meet Petra, our fellow citizen, in person, especially if you go for a walk in the nearest surroundings or if you visit St. Primož where Petra loves to go hiking.

This room is more than suitable for smaller groups wishing for a little more privacy.

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