Inn at St. Primož

A popular location for excursions

St. Primož above Kamnik, the ancient pilgrim location and a former camp set to protect from the Turkish invasions, with a majestic church of St. Primož and Felicijan, is undoubtedly one of the most popular and the most beautiful locations for excursions in Slovenia.

A magnificent view showing the Ljubljana basin and its surrounding hills, every day, regardless of the weather, attracts a great number of visitors and trekkers; numerous people also believe in the healing effects of paying regular visits to St. Primož.

No matter what reason will bring you to St. Primož, you will definitely not regret that you came all the way up since St. Primož and its surroundings are truly worth visiting.

The famous pilgrim church

The church of St. Primož and Felicijan is famous for the remarkable fresco paintings by Valentin Metzinger and it is also known for the gothic-renaissance frescos dating back to 1504 where everyday life from the near-by locals is portrayed.

Also of great importance is the smaller church of St. Peter originally built in the 15th Century on a smaller hill behind the church or the old presbytery; it is also famous for the imminent ceiling paintings.

The old presbytery - inn

In the old presbytery with a traditional kitchen, which is a unique museum of cultural and architectural heritage, where the time almost stops, a small inn is arranged where hikers, after an hour’s walk, can get a drink or a snack, to recover from the hike.

Over years, the inn has become a popular place for hikers visiting St. Primož almost every day whereas some people visit it even several times a day. They usually say that they have been “up there”. Visiting the inn represents a getaway from the city noise, everyday stress and it is offering you a place where you can chat without pressure and to good people since the visitors “burn” their bad mood and annoyance already on their way up.

The traditional offer of the inn is adjusted to the mountain conditions; however there is always room for a home-made sausage from the traditional kitchen. It can also be arranged, in case of ordering in advance, that a full meal is prepared for a larger group.

Organized groups can also enjoy a guided tour through the church, the presbytery and other St. Primož’s sightseeing points.


weekends and holidays,
or on demand for groups.

Information: Peter Uršič
Phone: 041 353 513

Gostilna Pri planinskem orlu
Stahovica 20
1242 Stahovica

Phone: 01 8325 410

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