Offer – Traditional Slovenian Food


Classical traditional and home-cooked dishes together with venison prepared according to recipes passing from generation to generation are the foundation of the offer of our restaurant.

In terms of venison we offer various dishes such as chamois, deer, wild rabbit, boar, bear etc. prepared in various ways alongside with several venison sausages, smoked deer or boar ham, which is a unique specialty offering a brand new culinary experience to our guests.

In terms of traditional dishes you can choose from a wide range of various stews, home-made sausages, black puddings and hams, buckwheat porridge, dumplings and similar dishes, not to mention also various deserts and rolls made of cranberries, huckleberries and other forest fruits.

Our dishes are diverse and adjusted to the season since we want every our guest to find something according to his/her taste; almost every day we cook something special which might not be on the regular menu, therefore we suggest that you ask our staff, on the day of your visit, if there is something special cooking. Our menu is adjusted also to the seasonal offer of fresh ingredients.

gostilna_slovenija_malaIngredients for our dishes come from an integral local environment or they are bought from our reliable and trusted providers, which is also one of the conditions which makes our restaurant the proud owner of the “Gostilna Slovenija” brand known for its specific rules, criterion and regulations.

okusi_kamnikaOur restaurant is also registered under “Taste Kamnik”, a brand which wants to enrich the offer of traditional, home-cooked and original dishes. Therefore we recommend that, when paying us a visit, you try our “Firšt” goulash or the veal “rajžlc”, which is our specialty.

And since good food goes well with good wine, we offer you various high-quality bottled and open wines

On a daily basis we offer various warm light meals and lunches; in case of ordering in advance we offer you a menu according to your wishes.

In order to avoid any disappointment, we recommend that you make a reservation in case of a large group or at least that you notify us about it, since we do not want you to leave our restaurant hungry and thirsty in case all our tables are already taken.

Our restaurant is made for 160 guests at the same time and is more than suitable for various celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, larger groups, business lunches and dinners; during summer season there are even 100 extra seats in the garden.


There are eight comfortable and neat two-bed or three-bed rooms of a higher quality class at your disposal.

All rooms are provided with an independent bathroom and a toilet, a shower or a bath tub; there is also an LCD TV with satellite and cable programs together with a phone and a computer with access to internet, together with wireless Wi-Fi internet connection.

Mountain peace - mini wellness

In the same floor, together with rooms for accommodation, there is also a mini wellness called »Mountain peace«.

It is a relaxing place with a Finnish sauna and a Jacuzzi intended for our accommodated guests and, in case of a supplementary payment, can be used alongside with the comfort of our rooms; so our guests can relax and enjoy the sauna or Jacuzzi.

Weddings, parties, lunches…

Our restaurant, which is suitable for 160 guests, is an excellent choice for various celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, larger groups, business lunches, dinners and other meetings; during summer season there are even up to 100 extra seats in the garden.

Next to our exquisite selection of traditional home-cooked and venison dishes, our guests can also dispose with our new and completely refurnished cozy rooms where among other things, there is also a PC with internet access; what is more, our guests can also relax in a Jacuzzi and a sauna.

Inn at St. Primož

In order to offer as much as possible to our gests, especially in case of organized groups, an excursion can be arranged to the near-by hill known as St. Primož above Kamnik together with a guided tour through the extremely interesting pilgrim church of St. Primož and Felicijan. In the presbytery of the mentioned church we have arranged an inn, where hikers and visitors, after an hour's walk, can have a snack or a drink and relax a little while enjoying a beautiful panorama view.

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