Pri planinskem orlu – more than 70 years

In Stahovica, not far away from the town of Kamnik, along the road that goes to the Kamniška Bistrica vallley, there is a family-run restaurant Pri planinskem orlu, where travelers, mountaineers and gourmets, for more than 70 years, have been welcomed with a wide range of home-cooked and venison specialties.

In case you visit Kamnik, Stahovica, the Velika planina plateau or the beautiful valley of the Kamniška Bistrica river, you are cordially invited to continue your journey at our restaurant where you can try various specialties prepared according to the recipes of our grandmothers, in a traditional way..

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Home-cooked and traditional

Despite the fact that our kitchen is modernly equipped, its heart remains a stove with firewood, which is a unique characteristic that nowadays is quite rare.

When preparing meals, not only natural, local and ecological ingredients are important, but also the method of preparing a dish is of great importance; therefore, in our restaurant, dishes are prepared in a traditional way. They are cooked on the stove, on the “old fire” and they are undoubtedly tastier since they are cooked slowly and more evenly, like our grandmothers have cooked them; and to be quite honest, there is no kitchen like our grandmothers’ kitchen.

The continuation of a family tradition

The owner and the chef of the family-run restaurant Pri planinskem orlu, Janez Uršič, a vital man in his early sixties, a descendant of the poachers in the Kamniška Bistrica valley and of the first keepers of mountain huts and alpine rescuers in the Kamnik Alps, as the representative of the third generation, successfully continues with the tradition of his parents and grandparents in a family-run restaurant together with his family; his wife Zvonka, son Peter, grandson Žiga together with other members of the staff.

With the knowledge of preparing dishes in a traditional way, Janez Uršič has taken over the running of the restaurant in the late 1980s; he has completely renovated and modernized the restaurant, he increased the accommodation capacities and at the same time, he has preserved the touch of homeliness and tradition which makes the restaurant one of the biggest and the most popular restaurants in the nearest surroundings visited by locals and several guests from Slovenia and abroad.

A ladle, the passion for cooking and affection in terms of nature, mountains and hunting were put to Janez Uršič’s cradle since he grew up almost literally in the kitchen of their restaurant, where, by the stove, he was moving clumsily under the feet of his grandmothers and aunts, the insuperable mistresses of the original home-cooked and bourgeois kitchen which brought together for a meal not only the local poachers but also foresters and in those times rare tourists, as well as politicians, presidents and before that also aristocrats who loved to visit the valley of the Kamniška Bistrica river and the surrounding mountains where they went hunting.

You are cordially invited to our family-run restaurant with accommodation Pri planinskem orlu! – The staff of the restaurant
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